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Prescriptions at PriorityOne Health Center

If prescribed by a PriorityOne Health Center provider, you may conveniently receive certain medications either:

  • during your visit at PriorityOne Health Center, or

  • directly to your home through the Home Delivery Medications program.

If the medication prescribed is not available at the health center or through the home delivery program, the PriorityOne Health Center provider will send it to a local pharmacy or mail order of your choice , Blue KC costs apply.

Continue reading to learn more about each medication program, and which medications are available through each.

Medications Available Onsite

Medication Dispensing and Refill Process

The PriorityOne Health Center will be able to dispense certain medications at the point of care. Medications must be prescribed by one of our providers during a visit to the Center.

We cannot fill prescriptions from outside providers like a pharmacy, such as Walgreens can fill. Our formulary consists of the top utilized medications and the medications used most commonly for diagnosis in a Primary Care Office. No narcotics or controlled substances will be stocked in the Center.

Here is how it works:

    1. Initial visit will be a regular provider visit. The provider needs to evaluate before prescribing.

    2. If a refill is requested, patient schedules a medication refill visit, which is a check-in with the provider so they can dispense the medication. Since we are not a pharmacy, patients need to see the provider, at least briefly so they can dispense the medication to the patient directly.

    3. It is Provider discretion if they are able to refill a prescription or if they need to evaluate the patient to determine if medication is working, needs adjusting, etc. This may require a follow-up visit (blood test, blood pressure check, etc.,) and may require a more comprehensive visit in that instance. This will not be every time, but for some patients could be 90 days, or 6 months, or yearly.

    4. If you are seen by one of our providers and your medication is not included in our formulary, our providers will be able to write you a script and send that to your preferred pharmacy electronically for you to pick up. Regular pharmacy rates will apply.

Home Delivery Medications

You are now able to conveniently receive certain medications prescribed by PriorityOne Health Center providers directly to your home, at no cost! Based on your individualized treatment plan your PriorityOne Health Center provider will prescribe a set number of refills for a 90 day supply, and you will only need to come in when those refills are up, or if you have any changes to your health that you want to discuss.

  • Less time needed for provider appointments

  • You will never run out of preventive medications again

  • No copay for medications dispensed

To determine if Home Delivery is an option for you, call PriorityOne Health Center at (913) 549-9970 to schedule an appointment, or ask your provider during your next visit.

Important: If you have current medication(s) that you refill through PriorityOne Health Center which you would like to receive at home (and the medication is available through Home Delivery), be sure to make a medication refill appointment with a PriorityOne Health Center provider at least 2 weeks prior to your refill need to allow time for delivery.


POHC Dispensing List.pdf

Click here for a list of the medications available to be dispensed onsite at PriorityOne Health Center and/or through the Home Delivery Medications program.

Note: This medication list is subject to change based on utilization, need and cost. To inquire if your medication is kept in stock, please ask the care team during your next visit, or call PriorityOne Health Center at (913) 549-9970.