Patient Satisfaction

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Post-Visit Survey

At the end of each visit, every patient is handed an iPad by the staff to complete a short survey. Below are the results of the patient responses:

  • 99.7% rated services as good or excellent

  • 99.7% indicated they are likely or very likely to return

  • 99.8% indicated they would recommend the health center

  • 99.8% felt their privacy and confidentiality were maintained

  • 98.1% stated that they waited less than 10 minutes to be seen beyond their original appointment time

  • 98.4% indicated the available appointment times were convenient for them

The following word cloud was generated with the free form comments (word size is based on frequency of recurrence):

Patient Testimonials

Testimonials SMSD_Andy Walter.pdf
Testimonials SMSD_Jennifer Noll.pdf
Testimonials SMSD_Julie Doty.pdf
Testimonials SMSD_Nicole Churchill.pdf
Testimonials SMSD_Mary Hedges.pdf
Testimonials SMSD_Charla McNabb.pdf